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.::Animation Suggestions::.

Posted by CootieGirl - May 6th, 2021


HEY! Do you want more Pico shorts, other animations

and content from me?


Well kiddos, this your ticket to a cool opportunity!

By positive reviews and popular demand, especially with the short on the front page (WOAH) and another episode on the way with the help with my friend again with voice acting, funny ass ideas and all that biz, we need your help too!

You can suggest whatever for the future animations, either it's parodies, Pico cartoons or original stuff involving my chars

just no stuff about porn crap or weird shit and pressuring me to do it, I'll backdrop you into a trash can >:(

It can also be art suggestions of some 2000s-2010s shit and NG art too

PLUS! I might be available for Commissions, Art Trades and maybe some requests soon after I put some stuff out of the way MWUHAHAHA

Got an idea or a suggestion? PM me or comment down below and I'll look over it, users that suggest an idea will be credited into the video description, the video or remain anonymous, whatever works for ya

Thank you guys for the kickass support and participating, hope to require more fun goods soon MWAH




Comments (24)

Pico crashes a car and dies

something that seems to be a reoccurring theme is pico(and sometimes friends) going through the portal and interacting with other newgrounds characters. i love science fiction personally, and think that pico is a great fit for exploring some trippy sci-fi themes like time travel, or dimensional hopping!

a normal day at the school from the original

i wanna see some emo art from u like sad bf (or anything with bf really ) and pico lmao like this shit: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8f/57/54/8f5754786dac5bf8a675106dda40be13.jpg

btw i would love to do an art trade or commission u if ur up for it! i love ur art and animations so itd be totally cool to get some art from u ^_^

I'd be down to do an art trade or do a commission for ya, whatever you like! Even after the art you drew of Cootie, hell yea I'm taking that offer! Whenever you're ready, my PMs are open >:D

An action fight scene would be kewl to see

Your character ordering street tacos

Something involving Convict, maybe? I think there's a lot of unexplored potential there. Stupidest idea I could come up with is an animation about Pico being convinced one of his friends is Convict in disguise and trying to weed them out in increasingly annoying fashions. Then THEY start thinking he's Convict and it just gets worse from there. I think that could be funny. Either way, I'm sure whatever you make next will be great.

(pico ) love story

honestly, more with the goth kids in pico's school! (whether it be animation or artwork) i absolutely adore the drawing of cass you made, and they all fit so well seeing as your style is very reminiscent of 2000s emo/scene artwork.
or just other stuff with pico n friends goofing around. i love the animation you made, i keep going back to watch it when i need a good laugh. keep up the amazing work- i look forward to what you make next!!!

do something medieval, or rpg like! maybe a comedy-based cartoon about a party of rpg heroes with stupid personalities would be a nice thing to watch lol

Pico and Darnell twist their fingers and start dying as Nene tries to teach them how to use chopsticks. Determined to win her heart, Pico and Darnell train their finger muscles until things eventually get... out of hand...

The gang does magic mushrooms and accidentally commits arson

Pico and friends teleport back to 2006 or whatever and use a bunch of modern day slang. The 2006-ians believe they're crazy and they get put in a mental asylum.
++ they team up with a few 2006-ian emos or glittergoths or rawr xds and escape asylum, wreaking havoc everywhere they go and creating some sort of mutant slang language.

I think it would be cool to see Pico & his buddies go get ice cream and there’s a contest for the best decorated sundae with the prize being free ice cream for a month, and they’d try to make theirs based on their aesthetic (ie Nene’s is really pretty with heart and unicorn sprinkles, Darnell puts bold colors and even a chili pepper in his, etc.) and Uberchick & maybe other characters would compete too! idk I hope this is okay hehe ?

Oh jeez, I don't know! I'll be down with anything you'd put out, but if I had to suggest something then here is one. Reanimation of Pico's Career day, but instead everything works out fine. Pico sees Jeff saying, "Damnit Fulp when was the last time you cut your nails?" and Tom just goes, "Huh, I guess I do need to cut them"


@Zalay that is my satisfaction that I need>:)

Hmmmmm what to suggest... actually I think I'll just second that @drowsyduck one. XD Would love to see that.

A lot of good ones here...

Recently in the news people are fighting over the right to have "knife fights" & and 11 year old girl shot up a school. Since your last video took the 90's attitude of lecturing Pico against do drug s that are now legal in some states; I like to see your take on lecturing children against knife fights & school shooting, despite these 2 things gaining in popularity hopefully before states state legalizing them.

@Cyberdevil Awww shucks thanks homie :}

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